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Mr Owen Maule

Personal details

Mr Owen Maule
42 (5th August 1975)
Full UK licence, own car
+44(0)7808 924 008

Personal statement

Over 10 years commercial development experience, creating cutting-edge technology, improving quality, reliability, compatibility and user experience of existing products and services. With imagination, persistence and research to solve the toughest problems, and dedication, attention-to-detail and broad vision to complete large, complex projects to a high standard. I would like to bring the depth and variety of my experience to your team.

Key skills


  • LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL PHP
  • Javascript / DOM scripting / jQuery
  • CSS / semantic XHTML / DHTML
  • Web standards / accessibility
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Object-oriented analysis and design
  • Design patterns
  • Refactoring / change management
  • Systematic test, debug and optimise / Quality assurance
  • C / C++ / STL
  • Graphics - OpenGL / DirectX
  • User interfaces - Win32 / MFC
  • Development environments - gcc / gdb / MS Visual Studio


  • Communication with clients
  • Project management
  • Writing documentation
  • Mentoring / Cross-training
  • Team leading
  • Group meetings for analysis, design, problem solving and monitoring progress
  • Development, business process and IT operations optimisations


May 2004-Today

IT Consultant / Web developer, Freelance

Provided a wide range of services to clients including, website development, IT support and training, IT management & system administration. I personally performed every aspect of running the business, finding clients, agreeing working arrangements, collecting and formalising project requirements, carrying out the work and billing. Some examples of my web development work are:

Student Mundial Radio Freedom BeeLiving


Software engineer, Radio station and miscellaneous projects

Produced a number of web-based tools related to online radio stations including logging and display of tracks played, real-time listener graphing on a website, pre-recording and automated insertion of radio presenters' voice clips. Made a 3D animated text demo with a range of transformations.


Project manager / Lead programmer, Newspaper DTP engine

Lead a team of between 5 and 8 programmers. In addition to my own development work on software architecture, graphics and user interfaces, I was responsible for planning, monitoring and integrating the work of the rest of the team. It was necessary for me to be involved with every aspect of the project. The programmers were from diverse technical backgrounds and locations in England, Germany and USA. The project was well established when I joined; I was tasked with co-ordinating the team to design and implement a new product, based on their previous work. I initiated new policy and procedures, such as, thorough analysis, design and documentation and guided modernisation of the team members' skills, methodologies and processes. I demonstrated the product at a tradeshow in Amsterdam.


Software engineer / Company director, PC game development

Created tools to import and convert map, model, animation and texture assets including palette optimisation and pre-compiling visibility occlusion. Implemented key-frame animation and interactive behaviour to specification: monsters, levers, doors, touch pads, trip-wires, force-fields, elevators, conveyor belts, crushing walls. Developed a pseudo object-oriented widget-based, graphical user interface system in C including user input, windows, input boxes, scrollable list boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop down lists.


1993-1996 University of Nottingham

BSc(hons) Computer Science

1986-1993 Loughborough Grammar School

GCE 'A' level Mathematics
GCE 'A' level Further Mathematics
GCE 'A' level Computer Science
GCE 'A' level Physics

References (clients)

Joshua Danan, Student Mundial +44(0)7790 664 737

John Greenwood, American Dream Limos +44(0)7973 725 497